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Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Download

When gamers hear concerning Games for Windows - LIVE, they'll deem the platform or the shopper. during this case, we have a tendency to square measure taking a glance at the client; but, we have a tendency to simply cannot do this while not drawing the platform at intervals the discussion. Sadly for a few people, Games for Windows - LIVE is dying. Moreover, Microsoft has set a particular date to shut it down - first of Gregorian calendar month 2014.

Games for Windows - LIVE had a run of simply on top of seven years and slowly has been losing ground in favor of Steam within the previous few years. Mark of the Ninja was the primary Microsoft Studios title to be discharged on Steam instead of Games for Windows - live to tell the tale the sixteenth of Oct 2012.

In truth, the total idea had issues (big ones) since its beginning because it had a tag and not an inexpensive one, to mention the smallest amount. Microsoft was charging forty nine.99$ so as to supply users with on-line gameplay capabilities and shortly at the moment, they'd to drop the worth all the thanks to the bottom and create Games for Windows - LIVE freely offered for anyone.

Bold move, some would say, however that has proclaimed a series of attacks from the community that ne'er taken and slowly, fueled  by a lot of lesser issues through the years, have signed the death sentence for the whole platform. Developers have additionally migrated to the almighty Steam yet as alternative platforms like EA’s Origin, feat Games for Windows - put up only 1 possibility which is biting the dirt.

By 2011, Games for Windows - LIVE had already started its downfall as users simply couldn’t deal with it any longer. there have been petitions, there was conflict, voluminous angry users and every one of them combined resulted within the foreseeable ending of the shopper aboard the total platform. Microsoft simply couldn’t create it work. impart God Valve might and still will do a correct job!

File Details:
Size: 70.43MB
Release Date:2011-05-06
OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7

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